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Using Our Service
Step 1
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Click the "Request A Ride" button on the top right corner of your screen which will take you to our booking tool.

Step 2

1). Enter information for ride request
2). Select desired vehicle
3). Confirm information and submit


Step 3

You will receive notifications every step of the way regarding the progress of your ride. This includes updates when your driver is on their way, as well as when they've arrived at your location and are ready to start your ride.



Do you have to be a member to use ERIDE?


No, anyone can use ERIDE for their transportation needs.  There is an option to become a member and unlock exclusive savings, but membership is NOT required.


Why Does ERIDE Only Use Electric Vehicles?


ERIDE Is Dedicated To The Customers Experience.  We Find That Electric Vehicle Offer The Best In Comfort And Technology Which Provides For A Better Driving/Riding Experience.


Why Choose ERIDE Over Other Transportation Services?


Other Transportation Services:


-Prices Are Inconsistent


-Service Is Unreliable


-Drivers Are Not Always Professional And/Or Friendly


-Little To No Control Over Type And Quality Of Vehicle


What Happens With My Unused Ride Credits?


Unused Ride Credits Will Roll Over To The Next Month.


Why Should I Become An ERIDE Member?


Becoming an ERIDE member unlocks exclusive savings and benefits, such as:

-Discounted Rides

-Priority Pick Ups

-24/7 Scheduling Availability

-Tier Level Vehicle Guarantee Or Your Ride Is Free


How Do I Know An ERIDE Membership Is Right For Me?


We Find The ERIDE Membership Is Useful For Many Types Of People Who:


-Travel For Work Or Want To Work While In The Vehicle


-Have Kids Who Need To Be Driven To And/Or From School Activities


-Don't Like Driving In Traffic


-Utilize Rideshare Services Frequently

Adding Shortcut To Your Phone

A green Android phone logo with the word "android" in black font underneath the logo
  1. Click "Request A Ride" at top of webpage.

  2. Select Setting (3 dots ) at bottom right of phone screen

  3. Scroll down, select "Add to Home screen"

A black Apple iPhone Logo with the word "iPhone" in black underneath.
  1. Click "Request A Ride" at top of webpage.

  2. Click on link

  3. Select Share Icon (bottom of phone)

  4. Scroll down, select "Add to home screen"

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